Pediatric Clinic interior design

Project Scope


Project Date



Rolna St., Szczecin


1 311,45 m²

Project Description

The aim of the interior design project of the Clinic of Pediatric Oncology and Haematology in Szczecin was to design chosen rooms to satisfy ill children’, their parents’ and doctors’ needs and have a restful influence on their inner condition. At the first place among arranged spaces should be mentioned a patient’s room, that is a centre of the hospital for the child. The own bathroom is closely connected with the room. The playroom fulfils very important functions: mobilize children to start being typically active, enable contacts with peers, and improve the children’ reaction on the treatment and the rehabilitation by the existence of the phenomenon of the facilitation. The communication spaces are not less important. The hall and ward corridors should become an intriguing way that make patients’ stays in hospital more pleasant.

Patient's room

16,35 m²


6,20 m²


71,20 m²


207,15 m²

Main hall

1 010,55 m²

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